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She’s Jamaica’s premier CURL FOCUSED STYLIST and founder Washed To Go. Trained by Brown Skin Women USA & Cut It Kinky USA, she’s locally recognised for educating black women about their hair and partnering with them to deliver care, curls and cuts for their curls. 

Enjoy the luxury one on one curl care service provided by Washed To Go. Unlock the best of your curls.






 “Your hair isn’t difficult. There is ease and knowledge waiting here for you” – Apryl Jaye


what is

Washed To Go?

Washed To Go is Jamaica’s only educational and curl focused styling service created and operated by Apryl Jaye, a licensed cosmetologist.

You have CURLS. Whether tight or loose. Perhaps you’re having difficulties in enhancing and caring for them.

Washed To Go is an intentional space where tight & loose curlies can be educated and nurtured regarding the care of their natural curls.





Salon Fee 20 USD |3000 JMD

To be paid in cash before your appointment.

$3500 convenience fee for sat/sun bookings.

curl starter


$100 USD – $300 USD

For New Clients  This session includes a shampoo, a moisturizing treatment (protein if needed), curl defining, shaping or haircut or trim.

Botanical Gels Only.


Quote determined by length & density



curl starter


$116 USD (flat rate) – $18,000 JMD

For New Clients This service includes a shampoo, curl defining & shaping/ haircut/trim. Great for clients who want curls guaranteed to LAST a week or over.





$86 USD – $13,500 JMD 

A Single service for NEW CLIENTS  who wear “stretched styles”, such as twist outs, braid outs and rod sets. This service is designed to stretch your hair and add a complimentary shape. This session includes a shampoo & conditioning, blowout, and cutting/trimming. It does not include a style. No twists, plaits, cane rows or flat twists)

1.5 – 2 hrs


curl starter


$97 USD – $15,000 JMD

For ALL CLIENTS – Arrive with freshly cleansed, conditioned, detangled hair. Your curls will be defined with Eco Style/Wetline and dried under a dryer. (if your hair is matted and tangled  you will have to pay the difference to wash & detangle)

A DRY curly cut will then be executed.

1.5 – 2hrs




 In Person-$35 USD | Zoom USD  -$65 

For New Clients Need hair advice? Have more questions before you book? Want it pick my brain? Are you unsure of the next step you should take with your hair? Schedule a self guided consult. You bring your concerns; I’ll be here to help.





product list


$21 USD 

New to natural hair care OR you simply want to overhaul your product lineup; this list gives you the best options that are REGULARLY available in Jamaica (no shipping needed) and what’s available in the USA (shipping required), Shampoos, conditioners, stylers, hair protectors for sleep etc.

IG DM or WhatsApp (876 815 0544) me with your name and email. I’ll bill you on PayPal. On receipt of payment, your list will be sent.



You are in the driver’s seat. What are your shape goals? Never got a hair cut? Sustained some damage and need to start over? Got a prior hair cut that didn’t meet your expectations?

I GOT YOU! Let’s correct, reshape, set up you up for and give you the SHAPE OF YOUR DREAMS.


My Work

Apryl, your dedication to your craft is epic!!
Absolutely the best hair work I’ve  ever had!
If you have curly hair, I highly  recommend checking her out !!! My hair  feels  so hydrated  and happy😁
I have seen dramatic changes since she’s doing my hair & she gives styling tips so my hair looks fabulous between  appointments…Overall, I’m  beyond  satisfied with how amazing Apryl does my hair!! I have recommended her to all my curly friends &family
Thank you Apryl !You’re the best!!


I was so excited to find a curl specialist here in Jamaica who could cut my curls and Apryl from Washed to go did not disappoint. Ive been an avid follower of iamblackcurls on instagram and was excited to see she had done training with them. The entire experience was fabululous! She communicated throughout the day then pulled up to my home on time. I’ve never had anyone come to my home to do anything so I immediately felt extra special like a celebrity and boy the style and cut had me feeling super gorgeous. Apryl my hair loves you lol.

CLICK FOR – Peta Gaye’s Transformation 💫



Apryl was super accommodating and easy to work with. The conversation with her during the entire wash and styling process made it all the more enjoyable and comfortable. One thing about Apryl is she’s passionate about what she’s doing and you can tell from the moment she enters your space. She worked with me to find the right cut to get to my goals but also keep the general look that I wanted right away. A 10/10 experience and I highly recommend to any curly haired girl who’s looking to make a change, learn about their hair or just wants to get a nice curly natural style– CLICK FOR – Caleigh’s Transformation 💫



I honestly thought that I could style my wash and go better than any natural hairstylist or specialist out there, but Apryl proved me wrong, lol. Since Apryl has touched my hair I haven’t loved my own wash and go the way I use to love my wash and go. That’s why I was adamant that Apryl share with me her technique to a GREAT wash and go. I am grateful that she obliged, and even though I haven’t quite mastered her teachings I have witnessed the results they give, so I’m not going back. Apryl has gotten herself a longstanding client. Thanks for the loving care you give to my natural curls, Apryl!!! Forever grateful, Tam 💕

CLICK FOR – Tam’s Transformation 💫



I came up on Apryl’s page as I was desperately searching for a simple routine for my hair. Something simple that allowed me to wear my hair as is and for it to thrive. On her page I saw very clear explanations about hair care and styling and about her services. I messaged her, got my price got my date and off we went. My experience was one for the books, I left with more knowledge, encouraged and a bomb hair style and hair cut. She honored my wishes to keep some length but cut in a lovely shape. I could message her afterwards to show my progress on how I’ve been staying away from oils and getting better at my own wash and go. My next maintenance is already in my mind and it will be Apryl. I wholeheartedly recommend Apryl for a refreshing curl-experience, you won’t regret it.

CLICK FOR – Kadeon’s Transformation 💫



From my first experience with Apryl when I messaged her on Instagram about my decision to do the big chop, I knew that I’d be able to trust her with helping me along the natural hair journey. Apryl is very responsive, which is something I greatly appreciate when working with hairdressers, she’s also so warm and welcoming!
I learned soooo much about overall hair care during our session together. A few of these being, to invest in quality hair products (it makes no sense putting crap in my hair), Apryl taught me that HEALTHY hair is soooo much more important than long hair (aka deadends that are basically dying and struggling to survive) 😂
She also taught me that my hair lovesssss water (which I’ve found to be so true) & that I don’t need to force my hair to curl, just do some gentle finger combing and my natural curl pattern will fall into place. Another key tip is to CLEANSE my hair frequently, at first I thought that shampoo was the enemy to natural hair, but let me tell you, after investing in a PROPER shampoo my hair is thanking me!